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Guitarist/singer/songwriter, Nick Walker hails from the North Coast (Cleveland, Ohio), and is as surprised as anyone by his blossoming music career. “It wasn’t until I picked up a guitar in college that I discovered this was exactly what I want to do. I was always interested in music but never thought I’d be able to make a career out of it. In college, I really started to get into it as far as the songwriting and the business side.”

In 2015, while in his junior year at Cleveland State University, he took a trip to Nashville. “Although I loved music, I didn’t even own a guitar at that point so I figured that might be a good idea,” he recalls with a laugh.

He also recalls how intimidated he was that first visit to Nashville. “When I saw big name singers like Chris Stapleton and other songwriters play, I thought, man, maybe I’m not cut out for Nashville.”

Still, he couldn’t deny the pull he continued to feel toward this career. So the following year, he bought that guitar, completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration, then set out to try his luck as a singer/songwriter.

He spent the next two years focusing on learning songs by his favorite country artists, Kit Moore (“Young Love,” “Dirt Road),” Luke Combs (Beautiful Crazy,” “Let’s Just Be Friends”) and Old Dominion ( “Beer Can in a Truck Bed,” “Break Up With Him”). Old Dominion, which has written songs for Chris Young, The Band Perry, and others, was perhaps Walker’s biggest influence with their country/rock style mixed with pop overtones.

Nick, however, would not be a true country artist if not for a few setbacks along the way. Just as he was honing his vocals, he developed a node (vocal chord lesion) that required surgery, which nearly ended his career before it started.

In the meantime, he wrote songs, and acquired gigs at local restaurants and taverns, as well as the Painesville Party in the Park, which is the largest annual music festival in Ohio. And in fine country tradition, Walker penned a song in an attempt to win back an old girlfriend. He didn’t get back the girl, but he did get a growing following with his debut song, “If You See Kay,” which has had more than 40,000 streams on Spotify.

“Before that, I tried to write some breakup songs, but they all came out too sad to play so one day, I decided to have some fun with it.” That song became his first single, which he showed to his friend and country artist, Casee Allen. Nick credits Allen for introducing him to his music producer, which led to the recording of “If You See Kay.” Nick toured with Casee on his dates opening up for Neil Mccoy, Jake Owen, Parmalee, Tucker Bethard.

“Casee has showed me everything he knew about the music industry. He brought me on his weekend touring dates across Michigan, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio, Tennessee, and South Dakota. I was basically his “road manager” doing merchandise, dealing with the venue owners . . . even picking out which taco places to go!”

Since then, Nick has traveled and played at a number of venues in his hometown of Cleveland, as well as Nashville and Key West, where he currently resides. His second single, “Hangover Baby” has just been released and is available on all streaming services.
Stay tuned for more original songs from this emerging artist!

Written By Deanna R. Adams

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